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Solomon Antoine

I am a full stack developer with experience in a variety of technologies such as: Laravel, VueJS, Angular 2+, Ionic Native and more!

Work History

View a timeline of my current and past jobs & roles.

Founder & CEO

Gigwerk (formerly FAVR) - Minneapolis/Rochester, MN
December 2017 - Present
Gigwerk, formerly known as FAVR, started as a two sided marketplace where customers could request to have chores by a high school/college aged worker. However, we transitioned to a B2B SAAS company that essentially bridges businesses looking to employ gig workers, as well as for gig workers looking for temporary work opportunities (gigs).

Software Engineer

Nerdery - Bloomington, MN
November 2019 - Present

I, along with other developers, am responsible for developing and servicing our client Purina. I work with Drupal to consistently deliver stakeholder requirements. Prior to Purina, I worked on the project team servicing Petfinder, where I used Symfony on a daily basis to develop for their public API.

Founder & Teacher

Icodestuff - Rochester, MN
May 2018 - Present

I am responsible for delivering screencast tutorials to Youtube on a variety of developer topics. I have more than 15 videos teaching Laravel, ExpressJS, and React topics. The channel currently has approximately 30,000 total views.

Software Engineer - Bursville, MN
June 2018 - February 2019

I was responsible for managing and integrating point of sale systems such as NCRCounterpoint and Bravo into a Laravel and Magento based ecommerce platform. The primary technologies I worked with were, Laravel, Magento, Symfony and Azure.

Software Intern

Area 10 Labs - Rochester, MN
October 2017 - May 2018

At Area10, I had initially started work on implementing software for VR as well as work with CAD programs and 3D printing. However, as time progressed, I migrated to web development with NodeJS and PHP.

Project Portfolio

Below is a collection of open source projects, clients projects and screencasts I've done.